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Security Installer Kendal
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Expertly designed access control solutions
At Westmorland Fire & Security we only install the latest and greatest access control solutions that guarantee you a safer and securer home or building.
Burglar Alarms Kendal


Access Control Kendal
Access control for your property
At Westmorland Fire & Security, Kendal we can install and maintain an access control system that is simple and effective to meet the security requirements for your premises. With new-age integration we can also partner any access control system with your existing security placements.
Kendal Access Control
Door Access
Controlling access on a door can be achieved through the installation of a reader on the outside.
Access Control Kendal
Intercom Systems
We can install, maintain and repair access control systems throughout Cumbria and Lancashire.
Access Control Kendal
Card Readers
Reader technologies can be used to identify a user. There are a number of different technologies.
Access Control Kendal
Traffic Control
We can proved a wide range of access control solutions to help protect your business.
Access Control Kendal
Keyless Home Entry
We can professionally install a cost effective fingerprint door lock to your home.
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Our experienced staff are here to help you with your security needs and will do their best to answer all your queries.
Access control systems tailored to your specific requirements
In the past, visitors and staff entered and left a building without a seconds thought as access was simply based on trust, This is unfortunately no longer the case. For hospitals, large stores, airports and schools access needs to be controlled and without this level of security problems may occur.

In order to ensure that we are able to provide an access control system that is properly suited and tailored to your requirements we are able to offer a whole host of access control technologies ranging from door intercoms, proximity and card tokens and Biometric Recognition and hands-free systems.
Security Installer Kendal
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